The Silence of Our Friends - Mark Long, Jim Demonakos, Nate Powell Appeal Characteristics: artistic visualization, civil rights, African-Americans, black panthers, stereotypes, racial discrimination

I was intrigued about how to make a story like this into a work of art. I was thoroughly impressed because I usually don't do a lot of black and white graphic novels...I usually love LUSH illustrations...BUT this book did with two colors what some people couldn't do with a rainbow. I mean the whole book was just edgy and you could feel the strain and tension between these two races within these drawings. I mean if the story didn't sell you, the art definitely should! I feel that this graphic novel isn't for your normal reader. The concepts and the things "left unsaid" which cause a lot of thought afterward...won't be for everyone. This story sits with you even after it's written. The thing that I had to mull over was this concept of "silence as power." I had to go to one of my friends whose a master at abstract concept to have her break down what I read. After listening to her interpretations....I was like "yeah, this book is deep."

My favorite scene was the way the man was disrespected in the store, and then lashed out on his kid. I remember my dad telling me stories of just how he walked around with so much anger and hate because of similar scenarios and it was a great reminder again of what an amazing generations before have struggled and endured...whether in silence or loudly.

Red Flags: racial slurs, language, violence, stereotypes