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Canine Comics: Six Daring Doggie Adventures (Martha Speaks Series)

Canine Comics: Six Daring Doggie Adventures (Martha Speaks Series) - Susan Meddaugh The first comic panel was the BEST! Its been awhile since a kids comic struck me as hilarious! The rest of the stories were okay, but I could see how the whole book has kid appeal written all over it. :] The best thing was who fluid and easy the layout was to read----just the write amount of words & bubbles to get kids off to a great start in understanding and learning how comic panel layouts flow.

Storytimes for Everyone! Developing Young Children's Language and Literacy

Storytimes for Everyone!: Developing Young Children's Language & Literacy - Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting, Pamela Martin-diaz This book is fantastic for new ideas or enhancing your storytime. I am definitely going to try their science storytimes---and I like the pre-reading surveys they would give parents, charts, calendars, so parents have more involvement in understanding how beneficial early literacy is for their children.

Pedal It!: How Bicycles are Changing the World

Pedal It!: How Bicycles are Changing the World (Footprints) - Michelle Mulder This was a great informative read. The transition between bicycle history, modern & global uses are executed nicely. I definitely would like to take a bike trip or use a bike for making smoothies. :) The pictures were amazing, too!

I Want a Sister (Little Princess)

I Want a Sister (Little Princess) - Tony Ross I think some kids have the gift of prediction---and others fail. :) I liked the background characters and guessing at matching social titles with family members. :]

World Food Alphabet

World Food Alphabet - Chris Caldicott This is a great introduction to cultures around the world especially through food. I was caught up more in the pictures than the informational text. The most creative part was finding 'food' words for q, u, and x.

This Place Is Wet (Imagine Living Here)

This Place Is Wet (Imagine Living Here) - Vicki Cobb The format was different as you could get caught up in the pictures and want to skip over the information. It was informative and it made me want to search more about the people of the rainforest----particularly the indigenous tribes.
The Steadfast Tin Soldier - Cynthia Rylant, Jen Corace, Hans Christian Andersen Classic story----but still depressing to read. It's how early should you prep a kid for tragic Romeo & Juliet stories, lol?
Maude: The Not-So-Noticeable Shrimpton - Lauren Child, Trisha Krauss This is black humor at its finest. :)
Hocus Pocus Takes the Train - Sylvie Desrosiers, Remy Simard SO CUTE! I love how this picture book is in graphic novel format.
Once Upon a Northern Night - Jean E. Pendziwol, Isabelle Arsenault The use of language in this book is exquisite! This book transported me to Switzerland and log cabins----and you just stare at this snow covered land in marvelous wonder. The pictures were done----and even the space of the words within the large white paces enhanced the beauty of the book.
The Parting Glass - Josh Lanyon sizzles

This book was fantastic. A really sizzling, hot read. If you do not like erotica content. Don't read this book. :P I think what made the scenes even better is the chemistry between the two characters. The past, the fights, everything that leads them up until the end----was just very well written. This was one of the first books were erotica did not drive the plot---it was the characters emotions, situations, and decisions that were represented and ultimately made this book a fantastic read.

In a Dark Wood - Josh Lanyon WOW.


I must admit---I have read A LOT in the romance genre over the years. I have not really touched GLBT adult romances. I'm not sure why? I think most of the time that I get caught up in so many "coming of age stories" in the YA world--- I forget---about wonderful adult M/M reads. This had a little of everything: first dates, mystery, intrigue---and a wonderful extra layer of adult problems.

I was surprised about how short it was, but I realized that the second book was much longer---and even better.

The characters were great because who doesn't love a cop who sounds like he could be on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and a love interest who is fantastically witty.
Make Lemonade (Make Lemonade, Book 1) - Virginia Euwer Wolff The only reason I heard of this book is due to a Twitter post that linked this article: School Approved Smut

I was going whaaaaatttt?! What book is that?!

I'm thinking hard-core fanfiction or erotic literature...or even most of the YA I read.

Nope. Not a drop of "lemony" fiction. The only thing was a brief passage DESCRIBING A YOUNG GIRL'S HARASSMENT. Yet, not in the context the article wrote about AT ALL.

The lady is crazy...if you could not already tell by her posted picture.

I'm glad I read it. It was a fast read that had a funky free verse scheme----but I've read far worse literature to be deterred.


I could go on a whole rant on why this book was appropriate for what it dealt with----but I will let sleeping dogs lie.

If anything I read Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel that has an EPIC RAPE SCENE EPIC!!! My mom had me read that at age twelve----and I was traumatized. Anyway, yeah, I think that book this book opens up social and workplace issues that teenagers/tweens might need a discussion about. I mean how many different type of sexual predator stories have you read about ministry leader/teen relationships or teacher/student relationships?

Anyway, the book presented a perspective of the struggle of teenage pregnancy, social economic issues, and other such topics, which quite frankly is one I have seen play out in real life over the years of growing up.
The Archived - Victoria Schwab 2.5 stars

I picked up this book because the concept was intriguing. The return did not pay off for the initial time I invested in this book. This book had such potential to not take me MONTHS to finish. The flaws I had started off with the pacing issues and within chapters multiplied to adding a small list of why I didn't care for this book.

1) Science is here. Without a smidgen of faaaaith~

I felt the Archive was OVER-explained. It was like reading an informational book on a scientific concept of what futuristic cemeteries could offer their love ones. I couldn't decide if this was a world-building book or a character driven book. If it IS a world-building book I felt that I drowned into a sea of meaningless descriptions instead of thrown into the ocean and given a few life rafts to keep me afloat. I would have liked "less explanation" and more---an almost of experience or learning with the character. I felt from the Archive, Library, Keepers, Crew, The Narrows, etc...etc. I mean even the Histories itself were over explained and I was almost debating about pitching my Nook halfway across the room and scream in frustration. This book did not make me believe that this could be possible, it was so unoriginal that I had no faith in wanting that world to EVER continue.

I know I could have chosen to not finish it----but I liked the premise A LOT! I even started off liking MacKenzie & Wes...

2)MacKenzie & Wes.

I was so mad at MacKenzie by the end. I was mad at the author, too. A semi-but-not-really love triangle was NOT NEEDED. I hate potential love interest introductions and they are suppose to be almost puppy-like in their unwavering devotion while the main character has to get her act together. I mean how did you not see OWEN COMING, MacKenzie?! (I'll talk about that in point #3 Anyway, back to the issue at hand. You meet a really nice guy who can share intimate "secret" knowledge with----and him being good-locking isn't even the issue. He has personality. He is smart, charming, and a gentlemen...and he was like legit non-jerk yet "bad-boy" nice---and you go decide to explore your crazy emotions through a crazed History...and get mad when HE ACTS LIKE A HISTORY.


Go. figure. I wanted to shake MacKenzie when she was horrified after Wes read her and went after Owen---and terrified at how Wes views you since he found out.

3)Mystery. Murder. Mayham.

I think of the Joker from the Dark Night. That is what I think of a great psychotic mastermind. If we want to go calm and deadly---maybe Christian Bale's character from American Psycho---NO WAIT! Psychotic Twist is Edward Norton in Primal Fear. I thought The Archived was suppose to be an almost Mystery/Thriller.


It was NONE OF THOSE THINGS. Solved the mystery BEFORE it was revealed so there were no thrills for me. As soon as Owen landed on the page, I'm like he's a psycho. He's feeding you babbling pyscho content and you would be stupid and wake up your brother AFTER ROLAND TOLD YOU "DON'T DO IT!" Ugh. I was almost wanting Roland to demote her.

Here's what I did like about the book: Her Da was a pretty cool guy, too. I enjoyed some of their past memories. I also thought finding out that the Librarians are dead...was fantastic. I laughed because I was like I'm this far down the rabbit hole---and the book can still deliver something.

Unfortunately, it didn't deliver enough. I know I was passionate about not really liking this book---it's just because the potential WAS THERE. Read at your own risk.
Robopocalypse - Daniel H. Wilson omg

EPIC. EPIC. I do not care what anyone says. I was engrossed. It reminded me of World War Z, but with robots, and I loved every minute of it.

Who cares if we as a species are SO FAR from having robot companions. The fact that every single piece of technology smart cars, phones, computers, TOASTERS (kidding) is out to get you made the thrill ride better.

ROBOT-meshed humans. Descriptions when robots came alive and threatened the little girl Mathilda and her brother. It just brought so much life to the book.


I'm not going to reveal any of the other characters so I'll save that journey for you to experience...

The characterization, the fact that this was a non-stop action packed adventure where their lives intertwined---I'm excited to see the movie. I'm bad at spatial visualization and exactly what some of the robots looked like---and I can't wait to see scences and the robots come to life.

All I can see is---it was a great futuristic "what if movie?!"

Even the climax was satisfying even though it wasn't what I expected. This book for me---


Garfield & Co. #7: Home for the Holidays

Garfield & Co. #7: Home for the Holidays - Jim Davis,  Ellipsanime (Illustrator),  Dargaud Media (Illustrator),  Adapted by Cedric Michiels I started off not liking this book AT ALL. The digital 3-D art reminded me of that website Xtranormal before it was put on "pause." After I adjusted, I did get sucked into the story, Christmas spirit, and almost became emotional of the topic of "animal adoption."

The second story I did not really care for. I do understand the appeal, and I'm sure lots of kiddies will find these books enjoyable. I'm glad that Papercutz is taking TV shows and turning them into graphic novels.

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