Bloody Chester - J.T. Petty, Hilary Florido I'm so mad right now.






I mean---that's how you leave us hanging Petty & Florido---this is how Bloody Chester ends? Reminiscent of the Sopranos' series finale?

I go on a violent, bloody historical ride of gold and plagues to end up NOT AT ALL SATISFIED---and what's worse? I'm left with wanting more. Racial slurs and language aside---it was an engrossing macabre storyline right from the start. The characterization was executed well---and our sort of anti-hero was a complex mixture of me asking more questions than I received answers when reading this graphic novel. I kept obsessing over what is Chester's history of Indians? SO MANY QUESTIONS. I want more of a story---I want to explore more of Bloody Chester's world... Be warned. It is a fast paced thrill ride, with some back story, but just enough to keep you on half filled. The Wild West in this book is a bleak and dark---with no warm fuzzy feelings, just a lot of dark humor and wit.

When it came time to the end---it left me mixed between




So all I really wanna do now---is see if more Bloody Chester is available to read?