Aladdin, Volume 1: Legacy of the Lost

Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost - Ian Edginton, Stjepan Sejic, Patrick Reilly Appeal Characteristics: re-working of a fairy tale classic, adventure, thrills, chills, dark, soupy, gritty, art realistic, fast-paced

You go from wanting to sing the Disney screaming with fear in this rendition. The only thing it has in common with the Disney version is its name. Never fear though! I actually liked the story. It follows the same story line (it makes me want to actually read the original tale now)as Aladdin isn't this care-free boy, but a hot-headed schemer who trusts no one and struggles with his identity. Add on the fact of the evil sorcerer and the crazy scary genie...and you have like Edgar Allen Poe retelling of Aladdin. That's just the beginning of the creepy undertones. The princess is no cute little blip on the radar...either. Anyway, it was a definite "different" ride in discovering this whole new Aladdin world.