Wireman - Sue Stauffacher Appeal Characteristics: urban, wires, drama, peer pressure, sports

I'm still confused about Wireman's plot. I know the background/historical aspect of why Wireman was created and how she got the idea...I'm still not sure what that has to do with Wireman himself or the main protagnist: Andre. Usually, when it comes to stuff that's unclear, I get hooked on finding out more. There was just something about the premise that I couldn't get into in wanting to find out more. What i'm getting is since there's a whole curriculum geared to helping "at-risk" readers...you have to read a lot of Wireman to find out what's going on.

Brief synopsis: Wireman is the name given to a Philadelphia artist (unknown but assumed to be an African American male) who apparently sculpted a whole gallery of artwork (now in museums all over the world) made from wires. A kid Andre stumbles upon Wireman (after being pursued by the local bullies) and he starts intersecting with other kids from all over the diversity charts for some big test he has to pass.