Eternals: To Slay a God (v. 1)

Eternals Volume 1 TPB - Charlie Knauf, Daniel Knauf, Daniel Acuña Eternals: To Slay a God

Appeal Characteristics: ILLUSTRATIONS, Marvel Universe, Celestial/Sentient/cosmic beings, superheroes, family, relationships, power, snark

There is a reason why I love certain comic book heroes. What do Spiderman, Deadpool, Venom, and Tony Starks all have in common? SNARK. SNARK. SNARK. I kept looking forward to the when Tony Starks would show up and be all like witty and sarcastic...OMG especially when they were getting on his nerves :) Makes me want to re-visit my Ironman comics all over again...

Anyway to the point of the Eternals. I loved how they did a quick backstory (for people like me who get confused because I’m not cool enough to follow everything that happens in the Marvel Universe) I’m too into everything to actual know how everything is related and you people are my heros who do..and can... I have too many obligations elsewhere...or I’m just distracted easily. Anyway, besides me wanting to take out some of the art shots and frame them... I must say, I enjoyed this comic. I enjoyed it on two levels because 1) I like happy endings 2) I liked the crazy theme that’s the center of the Eternals: love. That might sound cheesy, but after watching the ending of Fringe...I needed some extra dosage of wonderful sci-fish superpowerness in my life. The Eternals delivered! I wouldn’t mind going back and reading the ones done by Neil Gaiman (because i love him sooo very much) and I’m getting off topic.

So stylistically this was enjoyable. My only teeny tiny complaint was some of the font that showed you “all powerful beings were narrating” because I was squinting...and going OMG... I wish I could enlarge this... is this digital yet? OH AND the fact that the higher or highest power was named the “fulcrum” was just kinda like... really? Cuz I was like well I could think of all this symbolism that could accompany that name...but then I was like... naaah... really? fulcrum? Maybe this is why I’m not the highest power... I think I could come up with a much cooler name :P Anyway, This made me more determine after I catch up on a significant amount of comics to come back and revisit Marvel.