Hotaru's Light Vol. 9

Hotaru's Light Vol. 9 - Satoru Hiura I've been trying to read adult manga---because that is really one place I have not gone and read extensively in. I've been feeling my way around it, and some books are hits, some are misses---and some fall in between.

This one falls right in the middle. There are parts I LOVE. They had these cute little quizzes where you could see if you were indeed a "dried fish." The work environment, the character personalities, are created and executed terrifically. As an adult, I could immediately connect with Hotaru and her boss Takano. I mean who wants to do ANYTHING after a long work day, but sit at home and relax. I'm there with ya girl!

My criticisms: The filler material and pace are a bit predictable as you can easily see important plot elements start to unfold and story climaxes happen. My ultimate issue with the book... is YOU KNOW WHERE IT'S GOING. YOU KNOW WHERE THE END IS. The stupidity of the characters acknowledging their feelings...frustrate me to no end. Is the author doing this on purpose? I dunno, but it grated at my nerves...

I understand Hotaru's issue---because she is still very much a child at times, lolol. Maybe because Takano has marriage issues that the plot cannot move at the speed that I want it too---it just seemed that everything was so cut and dry on his end of things...almost a little convenient. It could be because he was so cold, his wife was like "not wasting another moment..." I dunno, either way, it was just the little things that lead up to this pinnacle volume moment---where i kept going, "Girl you could have saved yourself a little embarrassment."

Hotaru. Takano. This.


Stop Fighting It.