What the Earl desires (Rakes and Rogues, #1)

What the Earl desires (Rakes and Rogues, #1) - Aliyah Burke I love interracial romances. I especially love historical interracial romances because I find its a challenge. How can you tell a realistic story with maybe a semi-believable ending at that point in time? I mean it is ONE thing to write about "race-mixing" during the Wild West, and a completely different during a Regent period. I'm always going----how are you going to make this legal in that time period?!

I think really weird thoughts while reading sometimes...

On towards the story review!


I actually liked the sexual tension in this book sometimes more than the story itself. It was exciting to read how Colin would plot all types of impropriety of the time. :] Also, the fact that he was stubborn in her calling him 'Colin' instead of Mr. Faulkner.

I'm such a corny sap. The character sexual tension was by far the better than the actual "night" that happened. I was not too thrilled about the "mystery" killer and how that all resolved. I did love me some of the that little boy Pug.

I know I'm a bit all over the place---but I think it was the secondary characters that out shined the plotline. It was weird because there was a lot of things that could have made this book lackluster---and just by sheer character likeability, I could ignore all that.

I loved the chemistry---the brooding rakish pirate 'dude' and the african assassin. Naja read straight out of a YA dystopian novel, without the love triangle attachment. Great, read.