The Archived - Victoria Schwab 2.5 stars

I picked up this book because the concept was intriguing. The return did not pay off for the initial time I invested in this book. This book had such potential to not take me MONTHS to finish. The flaws I had started off with the pacing issues and within chapters multiplied to adding a small list of why I didn't care for this book.

1) Science is here. Without a smidgen of faaaaith~

I felt the Archive was OVER-explained. It was like reading an informational book on a scientific concept of what futuristic cemeteries could offer their love ones. I couldn't decide if this was a world-building book or a character driven book. If it IS a world-building book I felt that I drowned into a sea of meaningless descriptions instead of thrown into the ocean and given a few life rafts to keep me afloat. I would have liked "less explanation" and more---an almost of experience or learning with the character. I felt from the Archive, Library, Keepers, Crew, The Narrows, etc...etc. I mean even the Histories itself were over explained and I was almost debating about pitching my Nook halfway across the room and scream in frustration. This book did not make me believe that this could be possible, it was so unoriginal that I had no faith in wanting that world to EVER continue.

I know I could have chosen to not finish it----but I liked the premise A LOT! I even started off liking MacKenzie & Wes...

2)MacKenzie & Wes.

I was so mad at MacKenzie by the end. I was mad at the author, too. A semi-but-not-really love triangle was NOT NEEDED. I hate potential love interest introductions and they are suppose to be almost puppy-like in their unwavering devotion while the main character has to get her act together. I mean how did you not see OWEN COMING, MacKenzie?! (I'll talk about that in point #3 Anyway, back to the issue at hand. You meet a really nice guy who can share intimate "secret" knowledge with----and him being good-locking isn't even the issue. He has personality. He is smart, charming, and a gentlemen...and he was like legit non-jerk yet "bad-boy" nice---and you go decide to explore your crazy emotions through a crazed History...and get mad when HE ACTS LIKE A HISTORY.


Go. figure. I wanted to shake MacKenzie when she was horrified after Wes read her and went after Owen---and terrified at how Wes views you since he found out.

3)Mystery. Murder. Mayham.

I think of the Joker from the Dark Night. That is what I think of a great psychotic mastermind. If we want to go calm and deadly---maybe Christian Bale's character from American Psycho---NO WAIT! Psychotic Twist is Edward Norton in Primal Fear. I thought The Archived was suppose to be an almost Mystery/Thriller.


It was NONE OF THOSE THINGS. Solved the mystery BEFORE it was revealed so there were no thrills for me. As soon as Owen landed on the page, I'm like he's a psycho. He's feeding you babbling pyscho content and you would be stupid and wake up your brother AFTER ROLAND TOLD YOU "DON'T DO IT!" Ugh. I was almost wanting Roland to demote her.

Here's what I did like about the book: Her Da was a pretty cool guy, too. I enjoyed some of their past memories. I also thought finding out that the Librarians are dead...was fantastic. I laughed because I was like I'm this far down the rabbit hole---and the book can still deliver something.

Unfortunately, it didn't deliver enough. I know I was passionate about not really liking this book---it's just because the potential WAS THERE. Read at your own risk.