Elephantmen Volume 1: Wounded Animals: Wounded Animals v. 1 - Richard Starkings Appeal Characteristics: Art, GIANT ELEPHANT NAMED EBONY, world-building, PTS, soldiers

Another great world building comic. I was afraid this comic was going to be "I AM MALE!" Surprisingly, it was all about the characters. The fact that I saw Wreck-it Ralph, and Ebony reminded me of him, and Hannah, was parallel to Ralph's Sugar Rush friend...this story was just warm and endearing. This comic (which the author mentions) is a tribute to the 60/70s media of everything "science-fiction." I really enjoyed it. Anyway, you are in this world where mad scientist have decided to make genetically altered kids...which looks cool and weird at the same time. Anyway, they make them with one purpose in mind: KILLING MACHINES. Anyway, that's a lot of backstory...well a lot of flashbacks in and out...but you follow Ebony as he tries to cope with his past, find a way to deal with his present...and does he have a future? I like the fact that this comic deals with a lot issues of living harmoniously with other species or half-species...when jobs are tight and...it's great to have a tortured hero.

Anyway, even if you aren't interested in the whole volume or want to continue the series, the first story is just incredibly heart-breaking. If the illustrations don't move you, Hannah, the little girl will.