A Home for Mr. Easter - Brooke A. Allen Appeal Characteristics: stylistic art, unicorns, daydreaming, bullying, anger issues, easter bunny, friendship, mother-daughter relationship

I really liked this graphic novel. It was sweet, funny, endearing, and most of all just plain fun. Tesana is like Babymouse...she has all these amazing daydreams because life just never pans out. She tries really hard to fit in and find a "best" friend...until she discovers a little white rabbit that lays eggs. Out starts a journey dodging animal rights activists, crazed magician, terrible shop-keeper, and even her mother...to try and find Mr. Easter a home. This was such a delight especially since the "type" of protagonist is not mainstream. I look forward to finding other works by Brooke A. Allen. She definitely got my attention with this one! PLUS, she has a hamster named Batman (Brooke A. Allen...if that doesn't tell you about her quirkyness...this book will!)