Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising - M. Zachary Sherman, Bagus Hutomo, Leos Ng, Jim Demonakos Appeal Characteristics Visual Art, strong female lead, Character Development, Storyline

You are on Venus in a world filled with two types of people. Helots and Geno-types. Helots are normal humans who were conceived naturally, where Genotypes have had their genes altered to maximize their potential. Helots are discriminated against intensely, and are enslaved on other planets because of their inferiority. Back to Venus, Anyway, Venus is one of the last planets that Helots and Genotypes live in peace and have a "sorta-healthy" competitive job market (where Helots may get "bad" jobs, but at least their not slaves.) Enter in the "bad guy" as he invades Venus to take over. The president of Venus demands the Helots and Genotypes of Venus to come together and fight for the ideal of peace. They are no match of the trained Geno-type Marines...but Venus does have a secret weapon in the name of Sam...the girl who could change everything, if she could only stop running from her past.

I have some comics that I REALLY REALLY like...and some ones I like. I went back and forth with it as I will eventually finish it, it's just not pressing enough at this time...that I gotta finish it.