Angelus Volume 1: From The Pages Of Witchblade - Ron Marz, Stjepan Sejic Appeal Characteristics:

Strong Female Lead: Check
Beautiful Graphic Art: Check
Lesbian Love Interest: Check
Complex Storyline: Check
Comprehending of Complex Storyline: ...

I love that this series seemed started off incorporating this love interest that isn't represented a lot as just an integral part of the story Danielle Baptiste gets her own comic line as she wields a force called "Light." It's sort of journey navigating her relationship with her lover and her power.

The part that was like..."this could've been sooo gooood" was that I'm still lost on the whole "Angelus" concept, I was doing a whole lot of extra wiki-ing that I'm do I need to read that much of Witchblade to have a concept of what's going on. I actually felt for Finch because I was just like her..."Stop leaving me behind, Danielle!" I'm just not sure i'm ready to take on this beast of a world...yet