Dance Class: African Folk Dance Fever (Dance Class, #3) - Béka, Crip, Béka Appeal Characteristics: Quirky, Archie-type drawings, teenage girl drama, dance, friendship

Papercutz is a brand that publishes Nancy Drew, Thea Stilton, Smurfs and more types of these graphic novels. This graphic novel was put in the juvenile graphics collection and even though it's suppose to be "clean" for all ages...I was still like...what a romanticized view of teenage life. Another thing was not every graphic novel can develop well-rounded characters...this novel fell so far didn't even show an ounce of dimension. The humor was the saving grace with the laugh out loud moments shining through but were to few and far between to hold a continuous connection. Middle School girls would love this book with all the cute boyfriend fun, home dance parties, and the way they talk to their parents. A recipe for disaster in a pretty pink cover...but it's okay because it's Dance Class. Read at your own dance peril.