The Mighty Miss Malone - Christopher Paul Curtis Appeal Characteristics: Sassy humor, historical, family themes, quirky characters, great audio book narration.

I LOVED the audiobook version of this. Bahni Turpin outdid herself on the great voice overs of characters. Her beautiful singing voice just added another layer on why I loved this book as an audio version. I felt that despite the books flaws the audiobook more than made up for it. The book at parts were choppy or just didn't gel and sometimes the pace seemed a little meandering. I would LOVE a daughter like The Might Miss Malone...and I hope one day, "my family will be on a Wonderful."

Extras to add in...this is a great introduction to The Great Depression, Poverty in America, Joe Louis, Minority Treatment of Workers in America...and other such hot touchy topics. It was great to see this perspective of poor children often overlooked and the fact that Deza has such a strong spirit...breaks my heart.

On that note...Christopher Paul Curtis has a great audiobook voice too as he does the forward and authors note! :)