Under His Spell - Marie P. Croall, Hyeondo Park Appeal Characteristics: Character Development, Art(stylistically different, faeries

This was one of my favorite/least favorite books. I did like the whole fae thing, but I wasn't a fan of the particular art style...UNTIL SHE LAID OUT ILLUSTRATIONS IN COLOR! Those whole sets up pages were pretty awesome! The visuals definitely had to grow on me...as I didn't particular care for the messy haphazard lining. I guess she wanted to make the fae seem more "eerie" than "beautiful" (sorta like the True Blood visuals of faeries) Anyway, again, a spunky heroine and a fun hero and parental displeasure. :) I liked how it doesn't end all "Twilight-esque" but realistically gives different looks at how relationships work. Choices, Compromises, and Sacrifices, are all wrapped up into these little boyfriend series.

Red Flags: Cozy Romance, Mild Violence, Adult Situations