Kin - Holly Black, Ted Naifeh Appeal Characteristics: Stunning Harsh Graphics, Diverse Characters, Faeries, Friendship, Drama, Angst, Relationships, Family, School, I-See-Dead-People

I read this trilogy in one night. I loved the concept and it just reminded me of sooo many different stories...I'd be here all night. This could definitely be a Melissa Marr read-a like...or even the less, lusty version of Laura Hamilton's Merry Gentry series. Anyway, you like faeries and Holly Black...then it's a win situation! I even liked the harsh art that seemed to add to this gothic nature feel. This story is not your happy, pretty neat fuzzy cute, bubbly, whirly, twirly faeries...but almost bleaks look at human nature, our choices, dealing with an otherwordly element. ADD on to the teen angst, drama, and the "half-breed" nature...and you got yourself a great book! I definitely want to re-read this...because I felt I want to glean everything from it before I send it back.

Red Flags: Disturbing Images, Adult Situations, Mild Language, Drugs, Alcohol