Artifacts Volume 1 - Ron Marz Appeal Characteristics: exquisite art, characters, action-orientated, save the world versus let die themes, sexy body images

Top Crow comics again decides to take a blend of their individually featured comic book characters and blend them in one big apocalyptic adventure. I almost like these big blending of works better because if you're a newbie (like me) you can get a taste for characters that you would like to follow individually, or find out their back story. Unfortunately the downside to these works are (there's just sooo much you don't know) SO you sit and wonder if there's chemistry between people...then (in my case wiki it) research and find THERE'S THIS WHOLE BACK STORY ARC...that you've missed. In one instant, you aren't lost because these story arcs are completely different...but if you're someone who "has to know everything there ever was about people" that can kind of feel like you're so behind.

ON WITH THE STORY! Anyway, some weird "person, machine, people" I'm still on volume 1, so I'm not sure who the bad guy is yet...but anyway, he wants to collect 13 artifacts that apparently if they are all together will cause the end of the world or it's "rebirth." Anyway, the main characters each have one (or in one guy's case 2) artifacts that enables them their superpower. This person behind wanting them all to be together sends out Aphrodite IX, who is this merciless perfect killing cyborg, that can be controlled to get all the artifacts together. Anyway, you follow how all the characters lives start to interweave as earth's destruction is near. Definitely a keeper!

****The rating on these comics are 12+ So even though I put this as grades 6-8 I would lean on the higher 7-8 grade + range...but again depends on the reader...and the parental feelings.

Red Flags: Violence, Sexy Outfits...