Every Day - David Levithan Appeal Characteristics: teen angst, body switching, school, identity, humanistic exploration, love

This isn't a typical teen read. Maybe it is---I just might not have read a lot like it. Maybe, there isn't a lot out there like this book. I felt it was unique in the fact it touches on a subject of "true love" and "living in the moment" that is a huge teen appeal factor. Well, it's a huge everybody factor, lol. I felt as if I was in some type of random human reincarnation generator. A comic I recently read--Aphrodite IX who searches for her creator because she has no idea why she exists and never has any memory of what she does. This comic was a great idea horribly executed, BUT, it raises a lot of just soul searching questions. How true is true love? Can a soul love another soul no matter the gender, racial ethnicity, or body type? What moments would you keep if that's all you had? I could go on and on...but that's not the point of this review. The point of this review is to point out that everyone seems to want to find something or someone you want to hang on too...and when someone goes "I'd love you no matter what...even if you were..." and when that comes true-- How true is that's persons statement? It almost seems as if that sort of love is impossible.

Anyway, I digress! I was anxious for the ending...because I knew it wouldn't be wrapped nice and neat and maybe not even a little bit pretty. What I found didn't disappoint. It was bittersweet. I'm not an open ending sorta gal--so...I was kinda bummed for awhile. I don't want to reveal to much because I really loved "A." I loved A more than I even loved Rhiannon. I was rooting for them to the very end!

Red Flags: language, alcohol, drugs, adult situations, mild violence, medical issues