Ghetto Cowboy - G. Neri, Jesse Joshua Watson Appeal Characteristics: urban cowboys, father-son relationship, black male relationships, urban life, gangs, truancy, mother-son relationship, coming of age story

This book reminded me sorta of an urbanized Hoot. It is actually based on a real place that specifically caters to urban males to help them put down a gun and pick up a horse. Neri places a special note about how he found the article and where you can find more information on the actual place. This book has definitely piqued my interest to visit!

I'm not much of a "boy" type reader...especially in coming of age stories, but I enjoyed Colt's point of view. He was a spunky kid who had rights of being a moody teenager. Throw in a mom that I couldn't tell if she was having a breakdown or just mentally fed up...but she just couldn't "raise" him. I felt it was a good story to point out that boys...especially minority males need a positive male role model in their life. Throw in some corrupt city people, and Colt's new found enjoyment of being a cowboy...and the fun's just began.

P.S. It was interesting the historical aspect of the word: 'cowboy.' The fact he also made references to his dad as the Black Clint Eastwood made me laugh hysterically. Partially, because I could relate to my dad and his old Westerns.