The Sisters Brothers - Patrick deWitt Appeal Characteristics: West, Historical, brother relationship, friendship, killers, mother-son relationship, humor, boy/girl relationship, horses, dental issues

I've never liked westerns. I LOVED THIS WESTERN!!! The quirky characters, humor, and issues was just downright hilarious! I hated Charlie, but his brother (which the whole bookw as from his POV) Eli was just such a great character. The adventure or misadventure of their hunting down Herman Kermit Watt takes you on almost these random episodes about western life. IT was such a fun read a sorta slice of western life! Great characterization, pace, plot, and tone. It's a weird novel that while it can be hard to read and at times downright depressing, or just mean (mostly Charlie) it's just that Eli rationalization makes everything lighter and easier to take.

I know some people were disappointed with it not living up to the hype...but as a non-Western reader or fan...this book definitely caught and held my attention!