The Last Dragonslayer - Jasper Fforde Appeal Characteristics magic, identity, dragons, dragon slayers, witches, wizards, monarchy, consumerism satire, greed satire, friendship

OMG! I felt like I was reading a novel that could be something out of a Wes Anderson movie. I personally think this book should be his next movie project. This book was so much quirky, witty, fun that just had such great depth in its pages! Jennifer Strange is an indentured servant to a master who has quite literally, disappeared. Magic is fading, and sorcerers (who were once highly revered) are now regarded as almost the "dregs" of society. She gets sent another servant, who is in fact a young boy genius. Teamed up with her faithful Quark and the fact that she has been chosen as the last dragonslayer...due to "big magic" just the beginning for Jennifer Strange. I love the cast of this book, and the fun adventure you go on, not knowing who's good, bad or in-between...and wondering what is big magic?