Almost Perfect - Brian Katcher Appeal Characteristics love story, transgendered, society-issues, family issues, health issues, coming of age

I struggled with the rating for this book. I wish they had like a half star system, lol. I met Brian Katcher, and he's such a sweet guy...and I liked the book...I just wished more for a love story than a love sorta tragedy? He brought up a lot of poignant issues that not only transgendered may deal with, but society, friends, and family that "find" out their secret before their complete sex change. I actually did some research on the whole sex change process and the money involved and just how much it's evolved over the last 50-60 years. Still, like the book points out, you have to have money, and start pretty young if you don't want to look like "a man in drag." I just felt that while Logan may have appeared realistic with his "struggle" to accept Sage or accept his feelings for Sage. I almost wished he was more resilient or more I guess sure of himself, and less "what would others think"...but then again, I hate to sound judgmental. Anyway, I think it brought light to an almost overlooked minority in fiction.