Grave Mercy - Robin LaFevers Appeal Characteristics: historical, strong female protagonist, fantasy, death, nuns, political intrigue, aristocracy, court, assassins

I felt like this was the female version of Night Angel Triology by Brent Weeks. I say that because of the assassin like guild, and the girl "with scars." This book does read like a historical romance of Julie Garwood or Johanna Lindsey minus the steaminess and adding that extra "hard-core" appeal. The only thing I did have a problem with was the "not sure of my feelings aspect." I just wish there were more books where not only the girl could kick butt, but she wasn't like "do I love I not" aspect...or think men are terrible...until the ONE guy makes her feel a different way. I don't want to judge to harshly because I couldn't imagine how jaded my opinion could be of men if I did come from a particular "abused" woman background. Historically, I could definitely see how that emotionally maturity would be difficult...but it did bother me!

Some people might not like the pacing as a lot of the time is spent spying and politics of court life. I do like how they cover the all ethical and moral aspects of being an assassin. I also like how their the saints/religious aspect. I also liked the exploration of death, life, love, and people's motives.

Red Flags: Character death, graphic violence descriptions, assualt, mild sexual content