Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley Appeal Characteristics: Australia, Australian accents, humor, wit, art, poetry, love, relationships, friendship, parental relationships, coming of age

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK!!! If you don't like reading narrative prose than you need to listen to it. The PHENOMENAL accents just make your insides melt...and just jets you off to the middle of hot polluted Melbourne where you'll cheer all the characters on as they get themselves into trouble, discover things about themselves, discover love, and find that there's always a way out. I'm so glad they didn't change (not to my knowledge) any of the Aussie slang because it just makes the story that much better and more authentic. I don't see any teens getting confused about "what" they said because honestly...everybody knows a lot of globalized slang...and since I think this slang closely resembles the proper English slang: mobile, petrol, and wanker...are probably very common. :)

Let me just like rant in glee about the characters. I've never had such an electric group of characters jump out from the page...or into my ear. I would just crack up laughing in my car as all the jokes, conversations, and inner thoughts poor out of what these poor teens struggle with. I like crowley's brand of humor and I like her smart sassy teens. I like how she represented a variety of personalities....and their matches.

The fact that everything takes place in 24 hours is sorta like Nick & Nora's Playlist...or Hangover... yet the pacing never seemed plot driven or hurried like "we need to get to the end" I was actually really on edge because I was coming close to the end...and i was like OMG!! How is this going to end?!!!!!!!!!!

I don't really have a lot of complaints if you find yourself wondering why Lucy isn't smarter...she lives in a fictional world. I TOTALLY sympathize. IF you're wondering why Dillon's isn't smarter...well he's just lovable Dillon.

Keep in mind that if you're an art lover....or just love visual descriptions of colors, paintings, artists, OMG i could go on for hours... You're going to love this. Even if you aren't PLEASE give it a try! Seriously, Crowley has me wanting to take glass blowing lessons. I want to learn how to mix oxides into glass work and make beautiful colors. She made me want to go travel and find out Banksey and tell him all the things I've always wanted to tell him.

Sigh...if I could relive a high school life as someone fictional for a night.