Dark Harvest - Norman Partridge Appeal Characteristics: Halloween, Horror, Boys, Rural Town

This is shelved in the adult section, but the main character is only sixteen. I'm not a huge horror reader, but I am trying to be a purposeful well rounded reader. I know, I'll always lack in some areas...but I'm at least trying to get acquainted with some areas I neglect.

I really liked this book. The blend of horror was just my level. It wasn't too Quentin Tarantino over the top with graphic descriptions and it moved really fast. I actually couldn't believe how fast this book moved. I didn't really like the second POV, but it lead to the creepy element of the story. The only problem I had with this was some plot holes that I felt either I missed or just didn't pick up. There was this whole like "if we don't do this the whole town is going to hell" and I'm not sure why? I wanted to know when did this start? What were they scared of? Was the guy just an sadist prick? Why was he elected to town executioner? Also, how could a whole town just live under like that...and be fine. I mean, who locks boys up for 5 days with nothing to eat? Ugh...just some of it was weird. I guess that's just the element of horror though.

Red Flags: Violence and Language