Broxo - Zack Giallongo Appeal Characteristics: strong female protagonist, humor, animals, undead human creatures, survival, homesickness, adventure, bravery, honor, spirits, outcast, stand a lone

This book was shelved under juvenile. I felt it could kind of go either way. It was sorta tweeny because of their "implied" relationship (or that they at least like each other) and the bathing scene where he doesn't get why she is yelling at him not to come in because she's naked. You see she's developing some curves. Anyway, the reason I really feel it could be YA is this is more for an advance graphic novelist. There was just a lot of implied stuff (that I love) and the storyline isn't necessarily linear and there's a bunch of abstract stuff if you want to "really" understand the story. In saying that, kids could do it but they might be more concerned by the artwork, the humor, and the adventure. I really enjoyed it and it's been awhile since I've read a graphic novel that was a "stand a lone." That might be another selling point. If a kid doesn't want to start another LONG series...this is a pretty stand a lonish novel. I mean the ending is "open" enough that if he decides to keep going he can...but it's no Amulet.

In saying that the dynamic between Zora, Broxo, and Migo is pretty epic. I loved Broxo character development and I just loved the fact how take charge Zora was. They really balanced out nicely. The animals were adorable and I just pitied Ulith...I mean she's such that flawed "gray" area antagonist. I actually do think this book would make a great discussion for kids to want to explore that concept of that "shade of gray" character. She sorta reminded me of Gollum from LOTR.

Red Flags: Fantasy Violence