Tune: Vanishing Point - Derek Kirk Kim Appeal Characteristics: nerds, comic illustrators, starving artists, Korean Americans, college, alien life form, zoo, relationships, first loves, growing up

This book was hilarious. I think the farfetched ideal appeal worked. I think I'm also laughing because Eddy's parents sound EXACTLY like the way they're described in this book. Anyway, Andy is a guy who has never had a girlfriend...and wants to be an illustrator for the high end publishing companies. He quits school to pursue this dream...with no luck. His long time crush comes back in his life...but before he can react he gets whisked away to an "alien" planet where he has to be an "animal in their zoo." He'll get $100,000 earth dollars and full medical benefits. I'm sadly waiting for more... I definitely enjoyed this magical realism adventure!

Red Flags: Alcohol, Mild Sexual Situations, Language