Once Upon a Time Machine - Andrew Carl, Chris Stevens, Tara Alexander, Jason Rodriguez, Lee Nordling Appeal Characteristics: STYLISTIC ART, fractured fairy tales, science fiction, fantasy, stories, morals

This should be the new Flight Anthologies for Fairy-Tales/Folklore. I mean it's one thing to see a beautiful cover art for beauty and the beast, but it's another thing to read about a crazy updated version of the John Henry story (AND I LOOOOVE JOHN HENRY)and a creepy Humpty Dumpty one. I like the brief bio of all the illustrators and writers who contributed to this massive volume. I hope that it received enough recognition to make further volumes...maybe? Some stories I didn't really care for...just like I didn't really like all art. It's definitely subjected. I did give all the stories a try and were just blown away by the artistic storytelling ability talented illustrators have. Some of my top favorites include: THE UGLY DUCKLING; THE UGLY PART!!! I mean that story nailed it!!! Other favorites include: 1) John Henry, 2) Goldilocks & The Three Bears 3) Pinocchio, 4)The Tortoise and the Hair 5)Humpty Dumpty 6)Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, 7)The Shepard & The Weaver Girl 8)The Puppet Show Man 9)The Five Chinese brothers 10)The Lion & The Mouse I could actually keep going.

Vasilissa the Beautiful...the bear THE MINI BEAR... was adorrrraable!I do want you to know the top scary story was Hansel & Gretel. The artwork at the end. FREAKED. ME. OUT. If the book Wonder doesn't want to make you nicer, than this tale should definitely steer you in the right direction of being nice. Besides the creep factor, I'm not sure why it's in the adult graphic novel collection. It is probably safer that way...but any teen that reads graphic novels or a general anyone...will want to check this out!

Red Flags: Visualizations, Mild Language, Mild Violence