Happy Families - Tanita S. Davis Appeal Characteristics: transgendered people, family relationships, sibling relationships, high school, society issues, TRANS-youth, adjustments, coping

There were some things I really loved about this book...and some other writing issues that I didn't. The subject aspect and execution was done well and realistically as these twin siblings struggle through their Dad's transition to be from Chris to Christine. I especially liked the father and son struggle that was highlighted and the other issues such as church, school, friends, and just how out of control children feel. From the adult perspective, I wish we could have had more insight to how the parents will make the marriage work or just more of how the dad felt in coming out and dealing with these issues. He told the therapist and children that he didn't have to reveal much because they were "children" and these were his choices...but still...I would have liked some more insight.

The gripe I had with the book was the children's voices. I'm sure because they were 'twins' the writing style was similar...but I felt it was way to similar. The twins seemed as if their voices were inseparable and could have just been from one sibling...I mean, I'm not sure I felt too connected with Ysabel. I was more into Justin and his struggle to navigate with relationships and his father's identity and his own male or father/son relationship than anything Ysabel had to say. I dunno, she just wasn't well written...I'm not sure but it seemed that not enough depth was put into fleshing out between what was described about her personality and her actual voice.

OH ANOTHER WEIRD THING. Maybe i'm not a twin, so I wouldn't think this was weird...but there was instances that they were like sleeping together. I know it was a comfort mechanism...but I still was like, I think that's a twin thing. I'm not sure if my parents could drop any bombshell on us that I would be like...Oh, Joe, can i sleep on the same bed as you? As high school students. Elementary...cool. High School. Sorta weird? BUT

I did really love how she had this special note in the back updating the correct terms that transgendered people would like you to use. I had no idea that transvestite and hermaphrodite were considered derogatory terms...as they were the terms I was taught through school/life. I'm really glad their are these books putting these messages out there...because how would I know?! I also didn't know (due to all the anime/manga) 'gender bender' classification...that that was a derogatory term either! So I learned a lot!