Kill Me Softly - Sarah Cross Appeal Characteristics: fairy tale characters, fractured fairy tales, character development, pacing, plot, literary style

I love when something is SO OBVIOUS. Yet, I fail to get the fairy tale story right. I felt like such an idiot trying to figure out who Blue was. I mean, it’s right in front of you...yet from all my fairy tale reading I’ve been doing lately...I still missed it. I’m even beginning to appreciate the more stand alones I read because all these series are wearing me out. I love the nicely wrapped storyline of this crazy place called Beau Rivage that Mira goes (against her godmother’s wishes) to figure out who she is and what happened to her parents.

The more I read...the more certain authors seem to gravitate my way. Cross’s literary style captured me from the first chapter and even though I was extremely tired, I couldn’t put the book down. I wanted to know about all these characters, I wanted to figure out what would happen to them. I was rooting that maybe there should be a series (even though I didn’t want it to be) because that’s how engross I was to figuring out what kind of crazy world I was in. I mean even the obvious infatuation that you know ‘shouldn’t happen’ was fun to re-live...because at fifteen in Mira’s situation, I’m sure I wouldn’t be above Mira for trying to figure out why she liked both Felix and Blue. I thought how she acted and decided was accurate for a girl her age...and how most of the girls in the fairy tales acted anyway.

I think what I mostly liked was the black humor brought to these stories. I liked the fact that most of the characters embraced their curse, and dealt with their destinies as suited to their personalities. I love the fact that Cross inserts humor as one would if in fact you saw woodland creatures flocking to any human person, or the fact a girl could cough up roses. I like that I felt I was watching a non-musical version of Enchanted with a little less fluff and lot more Grimm. ←-see what I did there?! Anyway, this was such a fun book to pass the time. I wish I had this book on a vacation...if only to relive it again for the first time!

Red Flags: Death, Language, Violence, Alcohol, Adult Situations