Nola's Worlds 1: Changing Moon (Graphic Universe) - Mathieu Mariolle

This is by a French comic team! i really liked exploring this world. The characters were fun and the plot unravelled a little bit at a time. I’m still not quite sure what Nola’s friends or who Nola’s friends are and I wouldn’t mind exploring further if other issues are released. I liked the bright almost cheery tone the comic has...I feel that I enjoyed spending time reading it...I’m not sure if I was crazy about it though! I’m not sure what it was missing... I mean it had all the ingredients... I just felt that besides admiring the art and following the storyline...that it was “okay.” I think just because of the high volume of novels I read...this one doesn’t “jump” right out at me.

Stylistically, the colors were a lovely pastel shade and just bright and shining. I felt that since in you are “in Nola’s” really are seeing or viewing the world through her eyes. I might be stretching here, but I felt the team really nailed it as you are immersed in Nola’s “plain, ordinary if albeit a bit boring life.” The story set-up was sorta predictable and a bit different...I feel that they are drawing out exactly what the different mysteries and questions are... It’s almost as if its this tricky balance of you get the ‘sneak peek’ that they’re different, but you have to wait until Nola finds out “exactly” how different they are. Being an avid sci-fi reader and watcher...I’m mulling over all possibilities from aliens to alternate universe people. Haha. So you know there could be hundreds of possibilities of what exactly Nola’s friends are...but the point being is the translation from English to French (like any other comic) was understandable and relatablel. I really liked Nola’s personality and her interaction with her surroundings. It was a cute little adventure into her world...and it was quite literally her world!

I was most fascinated with how team designed the book. They have a short spread about how Nola’s World was developed. You are let inside their art studio as they show you how they design, write, and color the Nolas strips. it’s always fascinating going behind the scenes of how a graphic novel is designed.