The God Box - Alex Sanchez Appeal Characteristicsreligious, Christianity, homosexuality, faith, high school, friends, gay-straight alliance, Texas, Hispanic-Americans, identity, drama, angst, violence

Where was this book when I was in a Christian high-school? Oh, wait, they probably wouldn't have allowed it in the library. I thought this was a great viewpoint of homosexuality from a religious aspect. I'm not sure how open religious (depends on the religion) teenagers would be to reading this book...but if you came from a background that I did, I think it would help a lot of teenagers to stop and think about their own judgements on homosexuals. The book is not only sure to ruffle a few feathers...but it may be hard for some people to read---much less swallow the message. I know I read a review saying it seems as if he took his stuff right off a website...but I'm glad sorta reads like that. I think the context or two the people he was writing made sense.

Red Flags: hate crime, hate slurs