The Year of the Beasts - Cecil Castellucci, Nate Powell Appeal Characteristics Graphic Novel/Blurred Genre/Format Concept-- Ultimate Weird. White Darkness weird. Sister relationships, parent/sibling relationship, friendship, love, crushes, extreme human emotions: jealousy, hate, and violence, also layered with character death, disability, mythology

This book was [excuse my language] a complete MIND F****. Let me start off by saying, I liked the concept idea. It not only blurs genres, but this book blurs formats. So it was designed as a fiction story, and then you add a mythological graphic novel to connect the two stories. The design was great....the connection was as alien to the concept is to other people. WITH THAT BEING SAID....

I’ve been meditating over days about what I just read. I still have no idea. I mean this book is like the old Katherine’s Paterson’s Jacob Have I loved combined with some crazy Riordan Percy are waiting for them to intersect....and we will be waiting. I mean--I can speculate and over dramatize (which I will) about what this book means....that just makes it harder to rate.
You could argue that since this book was from Tessa’s perspective that everything was over dramatized. You could argue since she was a teen...and so she may prove to be overly dramatic because she is a teen...I still couldn’t connect with her. I think it was because I don’t have a sister. I never had to fight with thinking my little sister was prettier or thinking about how she could steal a potential lover away from me. I was hoping that the Medusa concept would help bridge that connection gap...but all it did was made me wonder...about the symbolism and the message and the fact i’m not sure if people would want to take time out of their lives to dedicate to trying to understand this book. I didn’t. Yet, i guess for me to have such strong feelings about this book... That means something? It was just because of the end...who leaves an end like that?

OH. Wait. The Sopranos.

Anyway! If someone has some deep epiphany besides the crazed humans emotions that are expressively illustrated throughout this book...please feel me in. If you are looking for enlightenment to our human condition and teenage dramatics look elsewhere.