Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell I'M SO TORN. I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS.


The audiobook version was amazing. I'm not sure if I would have liked it as much if I had just read it. Something about the hearing sensory descriptions----filled my imagination with that famous quote from the Borgias. "Young Love is always doomed." I adored the fact that it gave it that 80s backdrop---when androgyny and gender role reversal seemed to be sensationalized. You saw through Park's eyes how prominent generation disconnect and regular father/son strife was resolved as Park & his father found common ground. His dad advocated him as Eleanor's champion. I loved how you got to reminiscence (or for others start learning) about all types of music that impacted teens in the 80s. COMIC BOOKS. NERD GALORE. I felt like I was visually picturing a John Hughes movie---that did not have a neat tied "pretty in pink" ending. I didn't mind the dark stuff---I figured if John Green reviewed it, it wasn't going to end well, lolol! I had all these emotions of not wanting it to end, wanting to look up spoilers FOR THE END...actually wanting it to end...wanting more...wanting less. I feel as if this book did inspire you to feel something, anything, whether good or bad...it has fulfilled its purpose.

Now on to my issues with the book. I LOVE awkward teenage romances. I love the fairytale world (that never realistically happened to moi~) as I get to vivaciously live through different teens coming of age, identity, self-esteem and life issues we all (in some way) grapple with as we start growing up... Moving forward,different aspects of the storyline did annoy me...actually some of it plainly got on my nerves. I wanted to sometimes alternate between punching, and shaking Eleanor---and rolling my eyes at Park. I felt some parts could seem melodramatic---and I know as teenagers EVERYTHING at times can be dramatic...but I felt some small issues where waaaay over the top, which just made you as the casual observer go... 'wt...'

My other issues: Breakfast Club/Some Kind of Wonderful Identification & Race. Let's start with the first one: I'm not sure was I thinking---or reading to much into the story. I mean, apparently Park was labeled as "cool." I felt he put himself or identified as a misfit more than actually BEING a social outcast. I mean he did some show-off kick to Steve AND he wore eyeliner which apparently everyone loved---despite the "few names." Eleanor's clothes were in the toliet. BIG Social status difference. I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHO DID THAT?! WAS IT TINA?! HER STEPFATHER?! I was all parts confused on the bullying aspect.

Race. I found Eleanor's observations interesting. I would really love to pick some brains over some of the underlying aspects of the book...that's neither here nor there! The only bone I had to pick was with Park's racial perception. He was lamenting to Eleanor how he feels "unattractive" due to his golden skin and exotic looks. Eleanor mentions that the girl from the comic book store sees it---Tina sees it. So I understand some people don't realize how good they look...but it was like

I feel like I would have taken this more seriously if he was 100% Korean. I mean seriously, how many times were his green eyes described. HE HAD GREEN EYES.

Angry Samuel L Jackson