Love and Other Perishable Items - Laura Buzo Completely adored this book! I wish there was an epilogue...

I felt that this could have been a great Jane Eyre re-working...but I may be stretching things a little. I thought Amelia was a perfect portrayal of a mature fifteen year old girl, and I like how Laura Buzo handled that whole situation. I liked how Chris had the immaturity of a six year old and how he had to grow up.

SPOILER: So don't look at this if you haven't read it. I mean seriously! Kathy Virus. Classic! I loved the fact that Chris had this "I'm going to turn her into the "Perfect Woman." I felt he was a great influence on her in developing her mind not just in literary aspects, but in views of relationships, marriage, and feminism. I loved how Buzo takes us into a look of how different marriages operates and how sometimes we don't even fully, can't fully understand how our parents "love." The tension between father/daughter was nice for a change. I liked how Amelia wanted to seem mature by reading and knowing everything that she didn't know because she was too young.

OKAY BUT MY GRIPE IS...I ALMOST GAVE IT 4 STARS!! WHAT IS UP WITH THE NO ENDING. I hate open endings. I mean I love that the reader can decide if they'll "ever" meet again...or that fact that he was this sweet crush or first love, or whatever tragic expiration date he had in her life... but ugh...i wanted them to meet years later. I also tried to tell my boyfriend (whose 6 years older) how this could've been our story if I had met him like eons ago... and he was a little freaked out. :) Well a lot freaked out...I probably would've even known how to deal as much as 'Amelia' tried... I give her props for the "no guts no glory" take she did to try to win Chris over. Siggghhh. I wonder what type of psychological impact that would be on her dating relationship?

I think this should be a series. I know it isn't...but I still think it should be. OR A MOVIE. Since books to movies are all the rage...this would be a great one...WITH AN ALTERNATIVE ENDING. ANNNND...because I finished listening to Grafitti Moon after this...I read it in an Australian accent. So Yes, I did sob. I cried like a baby...I shouldn't have. You know what you're getting into...but I can't help it!