The Only Ones - Aaron Starmer The cover is what hooked me into the book the moment I spotted it online. When I discovered it at my library, I was ready to go on the journey with Martin Maple. I liked the premise and wanted to get to discover why Martin’s father chose to raise them in isolation---and what really happened on the “Day.” I figured that it---in some ways would read like Rebecca's Stead's "When You Reach Me.” I was expecting some crazy explanation about the disappearance----and I was hoping I could make sense of everything once.

Unfortunately----the book did not deliver for me. I will highly recommended to who it is written for---and I think that the book would be highly enjoyed by kids---I just could not connect to the characters. I found at times it started to take on the “Lord of the Flies” feeling, but then the whole execution was lost in the resolution. I also really wanted the machine to take off----and fly to this location...I had the whole book planned out. While I’m not disappointed in the author’s explanation of the machine, how it works, and what really happens----it just did not resonate any feelings with me. That is around the time, I really started not liking how the characters were developmening... After Chad’s demise----Henry, Darla, Lane, Nigel, even Martin----I’m not sure I really felt a connection to them. I could not identify with any of their actions, choices, or especially for Lane---temperament. Maybe I’m losing a handle on my childhood?

Warnings: death, firearms, violence, alcohol...basically stuff kids can get into if the whole world of adults have disappeared. :P