Where She Went - Gayle Forman I do have to agree---this was a nice change from the predecessor and definitely my favorite of the two! I held my composure and emotions during the whole book---and only felt the need to do two things.

First thing:

Adam's POV wasn't as emo-ridden as I feared. I mean he definitely came with some major travel-sized baggage---his perspective was spot on! I enjoyed getting inside his head and listening to the flashbacks of his experiences with Mia and her family.

Secondly---I'm just glad that it was almost a Graffiti Moon (Crowley) type experience where they could conqueror their demons---resolve everything neatly (as only you could in YA fiction) and allow one's emotions to experience an almost normal reaction:


I understand concerns about their "healthy" relationship---or the fact that everything was resolved in 0.2 seconds and no one had any problem with it. I liked how it was written at a quicker pace than the first novel---and I had fun catching up the characters previously mentioned in the first.

BUT I DON'T CARE. WHY?! It's fiction. THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER. I wanted the anger, grief, and coping mechanisms without each other to fade away. They deserve a happy ending for everything they experienced and if I went through all that as a fictional character---come HELL OR HIGH WATER---I want some love. Their relationship----and how it works, or will work is not for me to understand. Well, unless there is another book in the works----I might have to revisit that. Anyway, the point is---I'm glad they finally were able to be together. In the end---The book feels as if someone who just spent 40 days/nights on a never ending emotional tour. So here's to being done with crying for awhile!