Aya - Marguerite Abouet, Clément Oubrerie Fantastically done! This novel is a charm of the Ivory Coast and you feel as if you are part of that culture---if only for the first segment.

This book made me laugh so much because it reminded me of the stories my extended family use to tell when the girls would want to "sneak" out and go out dancing. The way Aya misinterprets a man's attention and the hilarity of her friends situation (especially the final moment)is indeed why it has achieved status as a "must read comic." I'm glad I was able to delve into this fascinating tale in the 1970s where "beer made you strong."

The illustrations breathe life into the scenic patterns of the 1970s and give Africa such a great "horror" free vibe. It was fun to read such a "slice of life" novel that introduced a culture full of rambunctious characters, adult situations, and ultimately unfolding a story about a smart young girl who wants to fight against different social stigmas.

Hopefully, the historical note will captivate you from the beginning----and then end notes with all the "extras" capture your attention---and in the end you'll be left feeling