The Prince Who Fell from the Sky

The Prince Who Fell from the Sky - John Claude Bemis Appeal Characteristics post apocalyptic, animals, human settlement, bears, rats, dogs, wolves, etc, journey, friendship, sorta "bio punk"

OMG. This is like "Homeward Bound" set in the 25th century. The premise is the earth is inhabited by animals (all the humans have left...have gone for a LONG time...also referred to as "Skin-less ones) Anyway, the animals that "rule" the world are the wolves. (I could go into the anime Wolf's Rain...but I wont be THAT nerdy) ANYWAY! This child-less bear finds a space ship that falls out the sky, and the only survivor is this tiny child. She decides to go on a journey to find some place safe for this boy. All the other animals are convinced he should be killed because if they let him survive it will mean the end of them all. She teams up with a rat named Dumpster, and a dog named Pang. That doesn't even cover the half of it.

John Claude Bemis is a MASTER at relationship dialogues. This story while plot-drive (apparently) was so awesome due to the character development of the animals. You aren't really sure the whole time how old the child is. You do know that he doesn't speak the same language of the animals and THEY can't communicate with him. That is the WHOLE beauty of the novel. The witty sparring between Cassomae (the bear) and her dynamic fellows...and trying to get this human child to safety is full of fun epic-ness! I had almost wished this was a series. No matter! I might read some other things from Bemis now.

Red Flags: Mild Violence, Animal Death, Mild Inappropriate Humor