Shinobi Life, Vol. 13

Shinobi Life, Vol. 13 - Shoko Conami This series has been around for years, and I'm glad I was able to finally finish it. I try not to read really long manga series---but this one kept my attention. Even when I felt the middle was a bit long---I knew Conami had to tie everything together---and I loved how all the characters were related somehow. I especially felt this series was a little bit darker---and less made-for-TV troupe dramatics. The series felt complete---because you know...I just wanted a happy ending for Beni and Kagetora. I wanted to find out why the backstory of her mom, and why he was just so angry and distant at Beni. The story did not disappoint. That was the only thing I cared about. Conami did great on creating three dimensional side characters. I was satisfied at the end---because the beauty was in the visuals.