Goong, Palace Story, Volume 19 - Park So Hee So----I'm really upset about this manga. I have spent YEARS invested in particular characters----certain outcomes...and of course, this was a great concept, and every single dramatic thing that occurred was fantastic although it reeked of TV troupe after TV troupe. If you are a foreign drama watcher---I could name like 5 dramas that embodied all types of story arcs from this series.

Here is the problem that I had: the ending. I understand why it had to end the way it did----I get all the problems the couple has faced on and off with scheming family members and the brunt that Chae-kyung faced. I'm still frustrated---COME ON PARK?! Seriously?! The couple goes through hell and high water---and this is what I get at the end:

1) A night that "seemed to imply" that they did more than...nothing.
3) A PROMISE THAT ONE DAY "Love will Conqueror" all preferably after Shin's brother grows up to take his place...but until then---"let's stay close friends, mmmkay?!"


All right----so the end just seemed so unfinished. I mean, I wasn't sure if she's suppose to wait 18+ years until his brother grows up, or if they were still going to marry and have her just live outside the palace and I'm guessing Shin will visit occasionally---if ever...

That was not even the worst of my problems. During the series we start off with 15/16 Chae-kyung and she matures into---I think around 20+ish by the end... Her relationship with Shin----did not truly understand them. I think it's because I think misunderstandings are overdone. Maybe they are not in relationships and I'm just naive. I thought the first thing when you become mature in a relationship is COMMUNICATION IS KEY. It could be my Western/culture/commoner influence. I was so tired of her having certain secrets---and he having certain secrets (High School & the grandpa drama--I'll could see that---and I'll excuse that)It was in later chapters with Yul---I do not see why Chae-kyung couldn't just talk to Shin about it... Say "Hey Shin---you know your scheming, backstabbing cousin---he's still lusts after me....and would do anything to get me away from you."

I think the real reason I'm irked is because this book was well drawn and well thought out. The art is gorgeous and the characters and the writing are very well executed. I caught up on like 130+ chapters, staying up until 2a.m. because I was determined to figure out what is going to happen to these fated loves. I thought this was a love story. I could have sworn this was we'll overcome all obstacles...the crazy thing is THEY DID. It just wasn't the way I envisioned it.

I sat for awhile having an internal argument with myself about how the author was right in not wanting to make you do not want her give up everything for Shin again, and he should be able to walk out on his family----but in reality you're like definitely unrealistic. See I do not even know what I WANT FOR THEM...BESIDES A BETTER ENDING. A PLAUSIBLE ENDING.

I think it just boils down to I'm mad I lost sleep over that ending.