Harlequin comics: The Colour of Desire

Harlequin comics: The Colour of Desire - Emma Darcy,  Karin Miyamoto Appeal Characteristics: HARLEQUIN ROMANCE BOOKS...MANGA STYLE!

I've seen it all now! At least I feel I've read it all now. What i'm surprised about is that...how well Harlequin comics translates into manga. What's even more awesome there's tons of titles I can play around with and laugh at myself for reading them. These books would be a great airport/travel read. Why?

1) Absolutely no thought goes into the story...You're more going like "ooooh these people are sooo pretttyyy"
2) These are the cozy of the cozy romances (If you don't know what that means...let's put erotic and hentai at a level 5 this is like level negative
3)No parent will kill their daughter for picking up these sweet, FLUFFY, sorta not really agnsty snippets. They're like cute books with a side of...extra cute.

I think I'm going to play around in this type of genre for a bit. I mean this is like a whole new level of shojo... because the drama happens in the span of one book and are not series. The way my life is going, I don't have time for series. Sooo, every once in awhile when I need something super romantic to read...I have this genre!