Happy Marriage ?!, volume 10

Happy Marriage ?!, volume 10 - Maki Enjouji I agree with other reviewers as this is a solid 3.5---Overall, I was happy with the series...even though I HAD MAJOR PROBLEMS WITH IT.

I want to say "it's a cultural difference." I even want to say that "maybe I would be the same way if I met this really REALLY rich guy---and I was working like 8 jobs to pay off my father's debt."

Let me review positively. This book was utterly sappy. It was sappy and had great little erotic moments that had you smiling in utter cheesiness. The artistic style was great and the characters really came to life. The side characters were developed fairly well, and over all the plot was not filled with filler material. The characters did NOT want me to necessarily punch them in the face---but I was a bit disappointed with some themes that appeared time and time again.

Firstly, the slapping. Granted I know different women can get overly emotional and become almost hysterical, but slapping sense in to them? NO. A major dose of


He slaps her on THREE DIFFERENT OCCASIONS. THREE! I wanted to go---naaah maybe they were just like taps to the face---but the book highlights a resounding little marks to show, his palm connected with her cheek hard enough to "snap her to her senses." What my question is---are there any other ways to handle that situation? Maybe a hard shake...or just turn around and punch something---or maybe walk away?!

WALK AWAY. CALM DOWN. Proceed with caution. He could have easily modeled this---


Secondly, the levels of of male testosterone portrayed throughout this book is annoying. His doctor friend made me want to punch him in his face. While, I'm all about the alpha male---it was just weird to see an almost ultimate naivete. Virgin aside, you do not have to be intimate to not know how the world works....and I felt that all the males almost saw her as the helpless female. Hokuto's evil girlfriend was the only semi-woman who could hold her own in the series---and she was psycho. I just think that it was a combination of Chiwa taking SO LONG throughout the series to become assertive and Hokuto letting her become an "equal" in the marriage.

Last issue, I'm not sure I get the whole "if he leaves, he must not love me..." The beginning when she almost cheated due to him leaving for x amount of days and at the end when she was not sure if he was there AFTER HE TOLD HER HE WAS LEAVING FOR A REASON AND WOULD BE BACK COME HELL OR HIGH WATER. It was almost hysterically funny as you were like---girrrrl you put up with all this just not "not be sure he's serious---after he said his piece."

Anyway, it still was a fairly entertaining series...and the art was lovely---and of course there is a lot of men in suits.